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Ultimate Realtor® Experience

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Choosing the right agent to sell your home is one of the most important decisions you'll make. 

It can make the difference between your home sitting on the market for months or selling quickly, and for much more than you anticipated. We know it can be an emotional and complicated endeavor when selling your home as it is a very personal, meaningful, and valuable asset. However, we make the entire process very easy and simple with our Concierge Service. Several questions and concerns will come up, all of which will be addressed with professional advice and consultation that will make a tremendous difference in the results. We deliver record-breaking results and guarantee the Ultimate Realtor® Experience every time.

Our ​​​​​​​Complimentary Concierge Services

Home Staging

Buyers make their decision upon entry into the home, and we make sure that your property is expertly staged to optimize its presentation and get the top-selling price. Both sellers and buyers are impressed with how well our properties show. It's the professional's touch that matters. 

Professional Photography

High-quality and professionally taken photos of your property will be able to showcase your home and highlight its features. These photos will be taken to ensure that buyers get the most accurate and appealing representation of your home, enticing them to come for the open house. It's the professional's touch that matters, or in this case, the professional's photography.

Twilight Photography

Our professional photography team will capture how beautiful your property looks in the evening, ensuring that the buyer gets an idea of how the property looks in the day and the evening, giving your property an advantage. Showings are usually in the daytime, which doesn't allow buyers to see the beauty of your home in the evening. However, with twilight photography, we can show them and have them fall in love.

High Definition Lifestyle Video

Give buyers 24/7 access to an open house from their own home with a professional High Definition Lifestyle Video. This will allow buyers to see all your home has to offer and capture the unique lifestyle enabled by living at your property leaving them with a lasting impression. Your Lifestyle Video is posted to many different Real Estate platforms allowing for maximum exposure for buyers and Realtors who will preview your home to their clients. 

3D Virtual Tours

High Definition Lifestyle Videos are a great way to showcase your property, but we like to go a step further with 3D Virtual Tours. This will allow buyers to be immersed in the experience of your home and see everything it has to offer. The property can be seen from overhead, giving them a look at the floor plan, the ability to rotate views, and many more functions. This service of ours is completely different from the status quo, really making your property outshine the rest. 

Drone Video and Photography

The best way to give buyers a complete look at your entire estate is with our Drone Video and Photography. This will allow us to showcase not only your entire property with views from above but we will be able to showcase close-by amenities giving buyers a visual experience to remember. 

Below you will learn about how we at

Realty Pros provide our clients with 

Unrivaled Marketing

Your home has a story, let us tell it.

Get Your Home Sold Faster And For Much More

We make sure that your property is expertly marketed using our proven marketing system. Your home will be listed strategically to ensure that you get the best possible price for your home. With our data-driven valuation model and our Unrivaled Marketing, we will make sure your property gets the exposure it deserves. Every home has a story; let us be the ones to tell yours. 

Our Unrivaled Marketing Strategy

20-page Listing Book

We create a custom listing book for your home, allowing every buyer and agent who visits the property to leave with an asset to share with their family and friends and to remind them of your house's beauty. This booklet will include daytime and twilight photography, description, floor plans, website domain link, and other listing information. 

Coffee Table Book

Beautifully bound hardcover leather books are created for exclusive luxury listings. Our graphic designers put together compelling photography, inspiring descriptions, and innovative layouts to produce a luxurious keepsake for prospective buyers.

Tri-Fold Mailers

We create custom tri-fold invitations that will be mailed to area residents advertising the listing and its first open house. These are a great way to get traction and inform area residents that your home is for sale, adding to the pool of buyers on top of all the other marketing we will do to help ensure successful showings.

Open Houses

With the owner's permission, multiple open houses for the public will be held. This will help Real Estate agents and buyers get a closer look at your home and get one step closer to an offer. The open houses will be advertised on many different avenues, including RealtyPros.ca, Realtor.ca, Facebook, and Instagram. This type of exposure is vital in the sale of your home.

Signage and QR Code

Our for sale lawn signs have been professionally designed and are made of a material that can get your attention even at night. Our frames are custom-made so that our signs stand out from the competition. In addition to the for sale lawn signs, we will place several custom open house signs with flags strategically placed around your neighborhood to direct a higher volume of potential buyers. We will also have a custom QR code so that when buyers scan it, they will be sent to your home's property website to get all the information about your home, including lifestyle video, virtual tour, photos, twilight photos, floor plan, etc. 

Social Media Promotion

We not only post your property on our social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, but we also curate a different set of posts to be marketed across those platforms so that the listing does not only reach our followers but tens of thousands more. 

Property Website

For every property we list, we create a custom one-page website that will have all of the information about the property, including the aforementioned services laid out strategically to ensure that the buyer gets a complete image of your home and all it has to offer. This makes it easier for the buyer to look at your home and its features without digging for it on the MLS or Realtor.ca. 

Digital Marketing Campaign

Your property photos, videos, and descriptions are digitally formatted to produce custom marketing campaigns across different search engines, email, social networks, website sponsorships, and custom URL websites. This is separate from our social media promotion ensuring that your home is marketed everywhere, not just on social media. ​​​​​​​

Audio Recording

We meant it when we asked for you to let us tell your home's story. Custom audio recordings will be strategically advertised alongside our other marketing techniques to ensure your home's story is heard, recognized, and appreciated. ​​​​​​​

Local & Provincial Realtor® Exposure

Realty Pros is a member of the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board, Mississauga Real Estate Board, The Oakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board, the Barrie and District Association of Realtors®, The Lakelands Association of Realtors®, and many more. We have full access to over 23 boards covering over 90% of Ontario, all of these boards will have access to your listing for their clients who are moving or relocating. The ability to advertise your listing to numerous brokerages will allow us to significantly increase the exposure your home gets simultaneously increasing our pool of buyers.​​​​​​​

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